In April Microsoft enabled online meeting link to Teams globally, so whenever an individual creates an Outlook meeting an online link to Teams is generated. Due to multiple locations when meetings were scheduled with another location, such as Zoom, this will be turned off. 


When creating an Outlook meeting, a Teams online meeting link will not be added automatically.

Action Needed

Complete instructions to Schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook are available from Microsoft (Actions). Quick tips are in Details.


Individuals may set their preference to always add a Teams meeting link, or can add the Teams meeting link only when needed.

Automatically Add Team Meeting:

The option to automatically add a Teams meeting when scheduling  an Outlook meeting can be toggled on or off as follows:

  • In Outlook click on File -> Options -> Calendar
  • Select or deselect Add online meeting to all meetings.
  • Click OK, then close and reopen Outlook.

Add Team Meeting to Single Occurrence:

  • Open the Outlook calendar
  • On the Home tab click New Teams Meeting
Outlook calendar Home tab with New Teams Meeting circled