Reinforcing training with simulated real-life examples will help strengthen phishing recognition.


This phishing exercise enables employees to practice skills to avoid phishing that were learned in Spring 2022 security training . This, in turn, helps to protect WPI's accounts and data. If you do fall for this phishing exercise, it will not cause any harm, and you'll be directed to resources to help recognize phishing attempts.

Action Needed

If you receive an email you believe is phishy, please report it to phishing@wpi.edu Complete details are in Report Phishing (Related Article). If you have questions or concerns about phishing you are welcome to contact Information Security using the Request Help button on this page.


Educational resources about phishing are available.


Visit us in the Campus Center on Thursday, October 27 between 11 AM - 2 PM to learn how to recognize phishing and find out other ways to be cybersecure! 

WPI Hub  

Information Security offers Secure Computing Articles, including several on phishing. Several are highlighted in Articles. View Information Security Site (Actions) gets you to the whole list! 

WPI Learning Academy

Information Security modules about phishing and ransomware are in the WPI Learning Academy