The Sustainable Inclusive Excellence (SIE) Action Plan is WPI's strategic approach to actualizing a culture of inclusion and belonging at WPI. This site highlights Information Technology content in support of these efforts.

Sustainable Inclusive Excellence at WPI

This series is part of our commitment to Sustainable Inclusive Excellence (SIE) at WPI. To learn more about this mission, check out some SIE readings:

Diversity in Technology

As part of Information Technology's Sustainable Inclusive Excellence Action Plan, we celebrate the diversity in technology professions. Articles feature tech professionals from varied backgrounds. New articles will be added every two weeks!

Accessibility IT Knowledge Articles

Canvas Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The Academic Technology Center offers information to assist faculty with designing more accessible Canvas course sites and course materials. In the Canvas component linked below, the Action for Canvas Accessibility and UDL will get you there!

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