Welcome to Networking at WPI!

WPI has a wireless and a wired network. Use the information below to connect your devices to the network.


Connect your phones, tablets, and laptops/desktops to the WPI-Wireless encrypted network.


Connect your media and IoT devices (Playstations, Alexas, XBoxes, etc.) to the WPI-Open unencrypted network.

WPI Guest Network

Guests to WPI, family and friends, may connect to the unencrypted WPI-Open network with a Self-Service Guest Pass, or a Sponsored Guest Pass (username and password provided by a staff member).


The eduroam network allows WPI employees, students, and visitors from participating educational institutions to utilize an encrypted network (very similar to the WPI-Wireless network).

Encrypted vs. Unencrypted

The WPI-Wireless and eduroam networks are encrypted and secure networks. The WPI-Open network (used for IoT devices and guests) is considered an unsecure network. People (malicious actors) can see your traffic (where you're accessing) on this network unless using a secure protocol. No sensitive traffic should use this network.

Virtual Private Network

WPI's VPN client, GlobalProtect, should be used when off-campus accessing any WPI resources. It mimics your machine being on the WPI Network, which means enhanced security for your data!

Wired Network

WPI employees and students can connect their personal computers to the encrypted wired network.

Finding Your MAC Address

MAC Addresses may be required to configure your device to the Wired and/or Wireless Network. Use these guides to help discover your MAC Address (except for Android because you're on your own).

MAC Randomization and Private Address

The MAC Randomization (Android) and Private Address (iOS) features block your device's MAC address from the network. To access WPI resources while on the Wireless network, this feature will need to be disabled.

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