Getting Started

Welcome to Workday! These articles will assist with Workday access and familiarity.

New Employee Checklist

This lists common tasks for employees and links to instructions. For additional guidance especially on Workday needs specific to your role, please work with your hiring manager.


Find out about updates and scheduled maintenance.

Employee Job Aids

Tasks faculty and staff perform on their own behalf. (Scroll for complete list.)

Manager Job Aids

Instructions for manager tasks including approvals, delegations, time, etc. (more in Hiring & Recruiting)

Finance Job Aids

Instructions for budgets, expense reports, purchasing, etc. (Scroll for complete list.)

Workday Student for Students

Links to navigation, financial, and course information.

Workday Student for Third Party

Parents and friends may be granted access by their student to certain financial, billing, academic and grade information.

Workday Student for Faculty and Staff

Tips and links for common tasks performed by faculty, advisors, and staff.

Functional Area Support

For questions about training, functional area data, security, or configurations.

Hiring and Recruiting

Job aids for hiring students and recruiting faculty & staff can be found on the Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding subsite. They can also be found by searching the WPI Hub.

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