Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is the e-signature service WPI uses. Electronic Signatures with Adobe Sign are:


Electronic Signatures are legally binding. View additional information: Global Overview of Electronic Signatures


Adobe Sign, WPI's e-signature service, manages the complete process, including:

  • Routing Documents
  • Guiding Signatures/Approvals
  • Generating Notifications
  • Storing Signed Documents in a Secure Area


The e-signature process through Adobe Sign's service is tracked. Adobe Sign maintains a full audit trail of the e-signature.


Adobe Sign utilizes additional security measures to ensure the required signer is receiving/signing the document. Multi-Factor Authentication and Digital Signatures can be used. Documents with Digital Signatures are also encrypted, securing the identity of the signer.

No Application Required

Adobe Sign is a web-based application. Document creators AND document signers only need a web browser. Most importantly, document signers will not require AdobeSign accounts or access