Cherwell Service Management, commonly just called Cherwell, is the ticketing system used by various business units at WPI. 

System Requirements

Accessing Cherwell has the following minimum system requirements:

System Processor: Dual Core CPU or equivalent (1)

System Memory:3 GB (4 GB or more recommended)

Operating System: Windows 10

Free Disk Space: Minimum: 1.5 GB (2 GB recommended)

Networking: Internet access required for online documentation feature

Other:Microsoft .NET 4.6.2+

Accessing the Desktop Client

Install Through SCCM

At WPI Cherwell is deployed through SCCM to Windows workstations joined to the WPI Domain.

Cherwell is available for Self Install through SCCM. Any user can open software center and self deploy through install able software. 

If the option doesn't show up please email its@wpi.edu with the following:

  • Computer's Hostname
  • Whether you have had access to Cherwell before

Note: If you have a previous version of Cherwell installed on your system it is best to completely uninstall it before we deploy the new version.

On the Terminal Server

Mac and Linux Users, or Windows users not on the domain can freely use the Cherwell client through a remote desktop connection to the ITS Terminal server: denver.wpi.edu

If you do not have access to this terminal server, please email its@wpi.edu requesting remote access to denver.wpi.edu

Direct Install

In rare cases we will be unable to deploy the software to your windows machine directly. In those cases you can directly install Cherwell's desktop client.

To have the direct installer sent to you, please email its@wpi.edu the following:

  • Computer's Hostname
  • Reason / Error Code / Business Case for why an SCCM deployment won't work for your system

SCCM is preferred because you can receive updates and versioning, a direct install is self-managed and requires you to manually update every time.

Using This Software

Academic License
For use on WPI Devices
Available through Software Center


Who can Install this Software?

Cherwell Users can install this software


Cherwell Access; Windows Computer