This section provides details for all PLM members. It includes information on how you can make the most out of your four years at WPI, including double majors/minors, receiving a BS/MS, or participating in a co-op. 

More in Four

Double Major or Minor:

  • Students should meet with their advisor and/or academic advisor to talk about requirements for the second major or minor and how they will fulfill them.
  • Students will need an advisor in the second major or minor department. Meeting with a professor you know or the department head can be a good first step.
  • Students can overload with one class per semester 
Course Load
  • Mapping out their 4-year plan with all required classes can be very helpful – if you have a template you’ve used, consider sharing.


  • Most are able to get the MS after 5 years (on year after receiving the BS)
  • Exact requirements vary department by department. Graduate Admissions holds general info sessions about BS/MS programs. Departments also hold info sessions. Here is a recording for a recent session and upcoming department dates:
BS/MS General Info
  • Unless students already applied in their undergraduate application, most apply for the BS/MS admission during junior year through Graduate Admissions. Usually by the time they apply, students have already figured out their curriculum, program requirements, and course selection form with their faculty advisor. Sophomore year is a great year to plan this out.
  •  Once a student graduates from the BS part of the program, they become a graduate student until they complete the MS.


  • Students work with the CDC to take part in a co-op after making an academic plan with their advisor that includes time for a co-op. Typically co-ops happen spring of sophomore year or sometime during junior year (depending on IQP).
  •  To be able to complete a co-op, students need to be full time and in good standing (although there is a way to petition for eligibility if not in good standing – it never hurts to ask!).
  • There are other requirements and other great information about the process of applying on the CDC’s website: