My ITS is a new feature to the ITS Web Application (WApp). This site section gives you insight to all IT based items related to your user identity. 


To access your instance of My ITS, you must first login. The ITS login uses WPI's Azure Single Sign On, which requires your WPI email address and WPI password.

  1. Click on the upper left "Hamburger" icon
  2. Click the Sign In section
  3. Enter your WPI Email and Password
Sign in to the ITS WApp!

Once logged in, check out your section by clicking on the My ITS in the left tab.

The My ITS homepage shows you:

  1. Your Tickets currently open with the IT Service Desk
  2. Any Articles you have recently opened and viewed


Another feature within My ITS we are excited about is the Settings section.

While the default theme of the web app looks great, one of the key features of the new release is personalization. The settings section allows you to customize how the WApp works for you. At launch we provide three themes for you to choose from:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • High Contrast

Experimental Features

As we continue to create opportunities for you to customize your support space, we wanted to provide you the option to play with some features we are playing with in development! 

Just For Fun

Want to take a break from the normal text on your screen? Showing a friend who needs to be sent the Wireless Setup Instructions for the fifth time? Add a little "Sarcasm" to the page!

Screenshot of knowledge article in "Sarcasm" text.

Seasonal Skin

Excited for the holidays and winter weather? Check out the Winter Wonderland skin! This seasonal skin "Winterizes" your selected theme, and sends snowflakes down your screen.

Watch the snow fall on your screen! 


Within My ITS is a History section. This area shows you all of the content you have viewed within the ITS WApp. The application logs all content you open and the order which it was opened. 

This can be very helpful if you found an article useful!

Clear History

If you become a frequent ITS WApp visitor and want to "start fresh," you can clear your history.

You won't be prompted to confirm the clearing, so be sure you want to remove the list of services, components, articles, software, etc.!