The ITS Web App (WApp) gives logged in users the ability to view their entire ticket history! Well, beginning July 2019 anyway. This section shows you all of your active and closed tickets. We're excited to share your ticket history with you! Our hope is you are able to:

  1. View the status of your active requests more easily
  2. Communicate with IT Staff through the WApp
  3. Use your ticket history to resolve similar issues

My Tickets

Within My ITS is a section called My Tickets. This section gives you insight into all tickets you have been the requestor of or a subscriber to at WPI .  

All tickets within this view show the ticket's:

  • ID Number
  • Summary
  • Description
  • Created and Last Updated Date
InTro's My Ticket's section displaying their "My Open Tickets," "Tickets I'm Subscribed To," and "My Closed Tickets"

My Open Tickets Section

My Open Tickets

This list shows all tickets that you currently have open with the ITS Service Desk. These are the tickets where you are deemed the Requestor, or the person receiving the service directly.

Tickets I'm Subscribed To

This list shows all the tickets were you are deemed a Subscriber. ITS typically uses the subscriber field when:

  • A ticket is sent in on behalf of another user
  • A user is CC'ed on the initial message sent to
  • Users that updates and Notifications should also go to

My Closed Tickets

This is your full ticket history. This is the list of tickets you have submitted to the Service Desk and have been resolved.

Ticket Fields

You can click on any Ticket to view all information about a ticket. This information gives you the greatest insight into the ticket.

The biggest difference between tickets that are in an Open state versus a Closed state is:

  • Open tickets provide you an opportunity to communicate through the WApp to ITS Staff for the ticket
  • Closed tickets provide Resolution details
Grintro's open ticket regarding the terminal server.


You can send a note to ITS Staff Members regarding your ticket at any time! Use this feature to:

  • Clarify a Request or ask to update a description
  • Provide requested information to ITS Staff
  • Request an update on the status of a ticket
  • Just say hi :) 

A communication sent through the WApp will alert IT Staff to your ticket and we will reach out as soon as possible with an update!

Ticket Glossary

ID Number: Reference number of your ticket

Summary: What the ticket is about

Status: Ticket Lifecycle stage

Requestor: Who is receiving the service from the ticket

Subscriber: Someone who is involved with the ticket

Description: All details for fulfilling a request or troubleshooting an incident

Ticket Source: How the ticket was entered

Resolution: How the ticket was resolved