WPI IT has earmarked some great Red Hat Linux Administration Courses WPI Students can learn from!

Gain Access to Free Red Hat Resources

For FREE Access:
Without following this process, these resources must be paid for. Through configuring your account with ARC, these resources become free!

In order for students to gain access to the courses, students must:

  1. Navigate to academy.redhat.com
  2. Create a Student Account
  3. Email your WPI email address and Red Hat Student Account info to gr-arcunix@wpi.edu

ARC Linux Administrators will validate your account with WPI's resource access.

Red Hat System Administration I

The first of two courses covering the core system administration tasks needed to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers:

Redhat System Administration I

Red Hat System Administration II

Build the skills to perform the key tasks needed to become a full-time Linux administrator:

Red Hat System Administration II

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294)

Learn how to automate Linux system administration tasks with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible