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Zoom Phone Quick Start (WPI)

Setup Zoom Phone

This section covers accessibility, how to download/update the Zoom app, how to initially set up your Zoom Phone.

1. Accessibility in Zoom

Accessibility Overview - video (3 min)Accessibility Features - video (6 min)

2. Download and Update Zoom Mobile App

Download Zoom Mobile App - articleUpdate Zoom Mobile App - articleDownload Zoom Mobile App - video (2 min) 

3. Download and Update Zoom Desktop App

Download Zoom Desktop App - articleUpdating Zoom Desktop App - articleDownload and Update Zoom Desktop Client - video (2 min)

4. Initial Zoom Phone Setup

Initial Zoom Phone Setup - articleInitial Zoom Phone Setup - video (5 min) 

5. Test Your Audio

Test Your Audio - articleTest Your Audio - video (2 min)

6. Headset Recommendations

Advice for Choosing a Headset - articleZoom Certified Hardware and Headsets - article

Additional Zoom Phone Settings

This section covers presence status, call options for when you're away, and selecting a ringtone.

1. Presence Status (Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Away, Out of Office)

Setting Your Presence Status - article

2. Business Hours, Closed Hours, and Holiday Hours

You can also use the Holiday Hours for when you'll be out of the office for multiple days.

Changing Business Hours - article

3. Change Ringtones

Change Ringtone on Desktop Client - article

5. Set Up Call Delegation 

Set Up Call Delegation - article