Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is a page on the Hub that lists the Services that are provided by information technology. Our Service Catalog is a knowledge management tool to help organize all of our content.

Access the Service Catalog from the Hub Homepage by clicking the following icon:

Click the Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is organized in four layers:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Service
  3. Component
  4. Articles


The Portfolios in the Service Catalog are the top level. Services are associated with Portfolios to help organize the content. 

Services can appear in multiple portfolios!


  • Teaching and Learning
  • Academic Research and Computing
  • Professional Services
  • Administrative and Business
  • Computers Devices and Software
  • Communications and Collaboration
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security


The second layer of content within the Service Catalog are the Services themselves. These are the things IT develops, provides, or supports. 


The third layer of content within the Service Catalog are the Components. Components are the specific applications or tools associated with a Service. 

Components will only be associated with one Service


Articles can be associated with multiple components, as well as Services and Software. These are the "How-To" guides associated with the various content types. We'll learn more about the entire Knowledge Base later in the 12 Days of ITS!

Search for a Service!

While the ITS WApp has a search feature for the entire site, we also have a Search specific to the Service Catalog. This enables you to search directly for a Service!

Search for the Network Device Access Service

Service and Component Fields

Each Service and Component contains the following information:

Short Description

A quick blurb about what the Service/Component is.


This is where we provide the meat of the content. We like to provide more information about what the Service/Component is, what features it provides, and why or when you should or would use the Service/Component.

Related Content

The related content area can be found on the bottom of the Service or Component.

On a Service, IT will relate Components and Articles to help you drill in to find exactly what you're looking for.

On a Component, IT relates Articles that will assist you with working with the Component.

IT Recommends...
Since the list of Articles listed on a Service may be lengthy, we suggest looking for article from the Component!

Using This...

The area on the top right of a Service or Component shows details about the Availability, Support Contact Information, How to Request the Service/Component, and Requirements for using the Service/Component.

This information is especially useful if you want to use a Service but don't know how to go about gaining access!


IT includes the Actions area on almost ALL of our pages. Actions associated with any content type on the ITS WApp bring you to supporting content that can assist you in accomplishing the tasks associated with the content you are viewing. These Actions can lead to other WApp pages, including News and Articles or can be links to:

  • Forms
  • Sites
  • WPI Policy Pages
  • External Sites with great "How-To" information


The Details section below the Actions shows the Created Date and the Last Modified Date. This can be helpful to validate that information is current and up to date!


Metadata show the Tags, Audience, and Aliases. As we learned with Searching on Day 7 of the 12 Days of ITS, the Metadata is very useful when it comes to searching and filtering for content!