Software Library

WPI has an extensive list of Software available to faculty, staff, and students. IT has created a database of the software that we provision or install on WPI machines and details are available to you in the Software Library.

Click on the Software Library to review all the Software IT makes available to WPI account holders.

The Software Library displays these details:

  • Title
  • Version
  • Publisher
  • OS

Use Find Software to search for a specific software title. You can drill into the software to view more information!

Search for Software in the Software Library.

Software Entry

A Software Entry contains the following valuable information:


This field tells you what the software is, what it can be used for, and lists some special features!

Using This Software

Requirements for who can use the software and where it can be installed are listed here. Examples include:

  • License Required: Is a specific license file or server required to run the application?
  • Available in Online Store: Can this application be purchased through WPI's Online Store?
  • For use on WPI Devices: Is this application already available on or able to be installed on individual WPI devices?
  • For use on Personal Devices: Can this application be installed and utilized on personally-owned machines?
  • Available through Software Center: Can this application be installed on individual WPI devices through Software Center?


Here you can learn about who is allowed to install the software, what is required to install/use the software, and who to contact to request software installation. Additionally, if an application is available for install from WPI's Network Storage folder, the install location is available for you to copy and paste!

Software available for personal installation from a location other than the WPI network folder share will have a Related Article or Action with a link to the Software Install Media.

Related Articles

IT creates articles for specific applications. These articles range from install guides on personally-owned machines, to supporting licensing information (especially for the Adobe suite!). Check out the articles for further information and guidance!

Locations With This Software

IT provides you with the locations where software is installed and available for your use! Discover where your favorite (and least favorite) academic software is located.

Software Information

The right column of the Software Entry lists the software data: publisher, release year, and current version IT has deployed to public locations.

Software Actions

Software Actions are generally the links to the installation media for free applications, or links to WPI licensed applications that are available through a vendor portal. Be sure to check for Related Articles for any installation guides!

Software Entry