Buildings and Locations

Every building on campus and each academic space has an entry in our Locations catalog. 

Click on Locations to view information on buildings and spaces on campus.

Opening the Locations catalog on the Hub brings you to a grid with the following information:

  • Building: The physical building name
  • Location: The room name or room identifier
  • Type: The type of space the room is
  • Room: The room number
  • Seats: The number of seats in the room
  • Computers: The number of public machines available in the room


The Building page shows all of the public locations in that building.

Search through the Location Catalog

One of the features we're very excited about on the Building page is the map! Each building has a map of its campus location. This can be zoomed in or out to get better look at the general area. You'll never go to the wrong building again! 

Zoomed out map of Gordon Library

Locations Fields

Each location that we have data for includes the following:

  • Special Name (ie. Newell Lecture Hall = AK116)
  • Room Notes: Specific equipment available the room
  • Software: All available software on the public or podium machine
  • Details
    • Building Associated with location
    • Room Type
    • Room Number
    • Seats
    • Computers

These details can be valuable for gathering with group members to work on projects, discovering space to hold meetings, or finding classrooms/lecture halls equipped for lecture or presentation capture!

Review all information about AK116