Internet at Home

Students with limited or no access to internet at home can check out options provided by some vendors across the country.

Options for Remote Learning without Internet Access


Your WPI username and password allow access to your account remotely. Self-Service Password Reset enables you to manage your account via any web browser.

Accounts and Access


Courses and course material can be accessed through Canvas. This includes assignments, course lectures, class discussions, etc.

CanvasTechnology for Teaching and Learning Blog


Students can access the Glo bal Protect Virtual Private Network which will provide them remote access to the WPI wireless network.

Access GlobalProtect VPN


Terminal Server

The terminal server offers access to many academic and research software applications without the need to install them. 

Terminal ServersTerminal Services

Email and Office 365

Email and Office 365 applications are available online. Collaborate simultaneously, or work on shared documents anywhere you have network connection.

Office 365 Applications

Microsoft Teams

Teams for Education provides instant messaging, screen share, audio share when used with headset/microphone, and video share when used with webcam.

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Videoconferencing and web conferencing are available to attend class events and group meetings

Use Zoom for Conferencing



View all Software available to students and discover their availability for self-install or their availability on remote servers.

Software Library

File Storage

OneDrive files are available via a web browser and can be shared. Your OneDrive files can also be mapped directly to your computer.

Get Started with OneDrive

Research network file shares are accessible using the VPN.

Network Storage


WPI's own App Marketplace links to many WPI resources, including the Office 365 Online Application suite, Canvas, and more!

App MarketplaceHow to Use the App Marketplace

Library Resources

The Gordon Library provides information about using resources remotely.

Library Research Off-Campus