This Week in Changes

This week CAB approved these 12 changes:

11571MQP/IQP survey data in AWS Redshift
11604Patching: WebWork servers update certificate
11600Patching: ExLibris SFTP server
11607Turn on Azure SSO & MFA to DocuSign
11603EfficientIP DDI Upgrade to 6.0.2P9
11602patching: CEMS production server
11576Microsoft Critical and Security patches - April Test
11582Migrate Window Endpoints to Endpoint Protection\Windows Defender
11580Microsoft Critical and Security patches - April ProductionMicrosoft Critical and Security patches - April Production  

Standing Change

GitLab Updates Required ASAP

Hourglass by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Thanks to the teams managing a Gitlab Community or Enterprise Edition who updated to the latest release. Because the latest Gitlab release includes important security fixes remaining instances require updates as soon as possible.

Action Required:

  • Update to the latest release.
  • Please add the system’s hostname to the list in Change Record 11511.

Weekly Top 5

How can Service Management enable remote work? 

  1. Tracking! We still need to track issues, trends, and work. This keeps work flowing, and enables reporting  on needs and response during this new way to work. So please continue entering tickets, tasks, and changes in Cherwell.
  2. It seems like we are doing a great job with remote communication tools! While these are great for collaborating, resisting the urge to use these tools in place of Cherwell helps ensure that items don't get lost in inboxes, chats, other tools, or conversations with just one person. With Cherwell, information is available to all the teams who need it.
  3. Articles enable self-help for the customer, and can detail specific steps for the front lines.  The easier it is to get the customer to a resolution, the more time is available to practitioners for other work. If you need assistance with publishing articles, please don't hesitate to check in with
  4. Congratulations on all of the changes made to enable D term  academics and continued administrative work! As the pace settles (hopefully), entering all of these as Change Requests helps record the work of our teams and updates by vendors. Some may be emergency, out-of-cycle, or simply informational, some will be normal, all are important! Updating/closing existing changes is important, too!
  5. Participating in items #1-4 can allow you to worry a little less about staying connected to work 24/7. In this way Service Management can contribute to work/life balance as we navigate our remote journey!

For a conversation about providing service remotely, check out this article in HDI SupportWorld.

ITSM from Afar
SM Open Lab
Yes we are still here to assist! For more details about any SM process, tips on Cherwell usage, or other questions you can  attend ITSM office hours on Tuesdays from 10-11 AM via Zoom, or request a meeting or demonstration by emailing

CAB via Zoom!

CAB is still taking place on Mondays at 11:00 am; we'd love to see you there!

11512 Pharos update

11517 Banner script update for 25live

11518 Ubuntu server patching in AK120d

11519 ITS WebApp 3.0.0 release

11521 Replace Traps on domain controllers

11522 Efficient IP upgrade

11524 WebWork upgrade