Follow the general process below for steps to complete to hire a new student worker member.

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This covers the general process of hiring a new student worker. Additional information and links to information can be found at the Talent and Inclusion "Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees" page!
Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees

Hire New Student Process

  • Coordinate with the Department Head to receive approval for the position.
  • Search the student’s name in Workday to determine if there is a pre-hire record.
  • If the student does not currently have a position, then go to Actions and click on Hire. If the student has a position, then go to Actions and click on Job Change and then Add Job.
  • Choose your JM supervisory organization to hire the student.
  • Complete the job details and the appropriate hiring information.
  • Assign a Costing Allocation, if applicable.
  • Review and approve the information entered. The request will then go to the HR Partner for approval.
  • A Workday account will be created for student’s first job once all approvals are completed.

Note: An I-9 form task in Workday and ID verification must be completed within three business days of the student’s hire date.

Hire Student Worker