Sending a Single Source to all Projectors

  1. On the wall-mounted control panel, tap Press to Start.
  2. Once the system is powered up, the control panel will default you to the Lectern options where you will see source toggles for the hardwired PC, the document camera, or an instructor-provided laptop connected via the podium HDMI/USB-C/display port adapter cables (located on the right side of the podium).
  3. If you want to source one of the wireless projection PODs, select the Pods icon on the touch panel.
  4. As the control panel indicates, from either the Lectern or Pod screens, Select a source to display on all available projectors.
This control panel screenshot shows the Lectern options: PC, Doc Cam, and Laptop in Classroom 500, which has 9 projectors.

Using the PODs for Active Learning

  1. From the wall-mounted control panel, select Pods under the Source options
  2. On the next screen, select Default Layout. This will send a unique POD source to each projector so that the instructor can identify which group should connect to each projector.
  3. Press Advanced Controls to manually source POD A to Projector A. (This manual step is due to the Echo360 hardware that is connected to Projector A.)
Identifying Projectors
The control panel projector icon arrangement should align with the layout of the room. The projector to the left of the podium is always Projector A. You can also find mailbox-style lettering located on the physical projectors. 

Multi-Source Projection

If you want to send 2 or more sources to multiple projectors simultaneously, follow the instructions in this section.

  1. From the wall-mounted control panel, select the Advanced Routing menu.
  2. Select a source at the top, and then select a projector.
  3. Repeat as necessary for each source you want to display on a projector screen.

Advanced Projector Controls

If you want to power off or image-mute specific projectors, or send projector screens up to access whiteboards, navigate to the Projector options under Controls on the wall-mounted touch panel.

This screenshot shows the projector control options in Unity Hall 500, which is a 9-projector classroom.

Adjusting Audio

Audio levels can be adjusted via the Audio button on the main control panel screen. The Mic volume adjusts the audio for the gooseneck microphone at the podium as well as an optional wireless lavaliere microphone (if borrowed from the ATC). Program volume levels will adjust any content (e.g. remote participant Zoom audio or a YouTube video) that is sourced via the Lectern PC or an instructor-provided laptop. 

Audio settings can be adjusted for the Mic and Program audio.