• Active WPI account
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - You will need to have completed MFA setup before you are able to access Workday. (Related Article contains configuration instructions.)
Third Party Login is Different
Third party login uses instructions in Workday Third Party Proxy: Parents and Friends (Related Article).


Access Workday

  1. For quick access, add Workday to Apps on the Hub homepage -- see the Related Article. You can also open one of these locations in a web browser:
    • - open Workday app (details in Related Article)
  2. Sign in with your WPI email address and your WPI password.
  3. You will receive a code via the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) method you defined. Enter the MFA verification code provided.

Use Workday App from a Mobile Device

Not in use for Workday Student.

  1. Download the Workday mobile app from your device's app store. Search for Workday and enter WPI for the Company ID.
  2. Login with your WPI email and password.
  3. You will be prompted to authenticate via the MFA method you defined.