Billing System Notes

Begin with Your Account
Please check your account as a starting point. For example, if you are not charged for health insurance, you do not need to waive it.
Anticipated Aid
Anticipated Aid includes all pending Financial Aid and pending payments forthcoming from Sponsors.


Activity in Workday and Nelnet is dynamic, updating immediately and reflected in the other system.

International credit cards or wires and domestic wires are made using Flywire (see Actions).

Payments cannot be accept by phone or email.

Goat Bucks can be added through the GET App (see Actions).


Make an ACH (bank account) payment at no fee.  

  • Requires student or third party to Set Up Payment Elections (found in the Finance app under My Account). 
  • Student ACH Payment only allows 1 account to be elected at a time. This is the account that will appear in Make a Payment.

ACH Payment Using Multiple Accounts

Students and third parties can do this in Workday by editing payment elections.

  • Add accounts: Multiple accounts can be added, viewed, and edited in the Workday Finances app. Under Account choose Set Up Payment Elections. Under Accounts press the Add button to enter account information to be used for payments.
  • Payment elections: Make a Payment uses the account designated in Student ACH Payment. Use the Edit button to change this to a different account.
  • Make a Payment: In the Workday Finances app under Account choose Make a Payment
    • Payment Description = Electronic Payment (ACH)
    • Payment Type = choose type.
    • Payment Amount  = same amount as Due Now by default, but you can type in the amount you choose to pay.
    • Payment Election = account the payment is coming from (at the bottom of the screen).
    • Press OK to make the payment.
  • To make the next payment from a different account: 
    • Return to Set Up Payment Elections.
    • Under Payment Elections, for Student ACH Payment click Edit.
    • Change the item under Account, then click OK to save. Now when you go to Make a Payment, it will use that account.

Payments by credit/debit card are directed to Nelnet. 

Student or third party leaves Workday for Nelnet when making a credit/debit card payment.  


  • Students can log in through Workday > Finances, under My Account; third parties can use the link in the initial email from Nelnet.
  • Students must grant third party access for someone to make a credit card payment.
  • Make a credit card payment (2.85% fee on amount paid).
  • Degree candidates can set up an automatic payment plan by
    • ACH (bank account) at no fee
    • Credit/debit card 2.85% fee on amount paid
  • Nelnet cannot accept paper checks.
  • Process

    1. Students grant access to view bills using Friends & Family in Workday (see instructions in the Related Article: Friends & Family). Students can make an ACH payment in Workday. Credit/debit card payments are directed to Nelnet.
    2. In Workday, students can open Finances, then click Nelnet.
    3. In Nelnet, students can:
      • make credit/debit card payment
      • set up a payment plan using ACH or a credit/debit card (degree candidates)
      • authorize a party to pay bills on their behalf
    4. After students authorize a party to pay on their behalf, an email is sent to the authorized party to set up an account in Nelnet.
    5. After an authorized party is set up in Nelnet, the authorized person can:
      • make a credit/debit card payment
      • set up a payment plan using ACH or a credit/debit card (for degree candidates)
    Authorization Note:
    Nelnet authorization is a separate task from Friends in Family in Workday.  
  • 1. Use Nelnet as a Student & Add an Authorized Party 

    Use Nelnet as a Student

    To access Nelnet, in Workday, open Finances, then click Nelnet.

    You will be presented with the option to purchase the tuition insurance plan, administered through GradGuard. You will be asked to review a Refund Policy Acknowledgment and elect to purchase or decline the tuition insurance, this will not be applied to your student account it is a separate payment/transaction. If you decline, you will be asked to confirm your decision. 

    Nelnet Screenshot of GradGuard Tuition Insurance Refund Policy Acknowledgement

    From the Nelnet Home page, you can:

    • Add an Authorized Party
    • Make a Payment (see section below)
    • Disregard Set up a Payment Plan in screen shot below- plans are set up in Workday beginning Academic Period Spring 2024
    Screenshot of Nelnet Payment Activity

    Add an Authorized Party

    On the Nelnet Home page, click Add an Authorized Party

    Click the checkbox to Include details that make up my balance. 

    You will be prompted to enter the person’s information and to set an Authorized Party Authentication Question – you can enter a word or phrase that you should then communicate to the person you are authorizing. The person you are authorizing will be prompted to enter this word or phrase when setting up an account. 

    Notice that you can also Deactivate access. 

    The authorized party will receive an email from Nelnet Campus Commerce with a subject line of Authorized Party Invite from <your name>. See the Use Nelnet as an Authorized Party section for more information on creating an account. 

    Screenshot of Nelnet Email Message to Authorized Party
    Third Party Can't Access Nelnet?
    Students can remove and re-add the third party in Nelnet. The Bursar's Office cannot remove or change any payer in Nelnet. (In Workday, you cannot remove/re-add a third party, unless you use a different email address.)
  • 2. Use Nelnet as an Authorized Party

    Create Your Nelnet Account 

    You will receive an email from Nelnet Campus Commerce with a subject line of Authorized Party Invite from <student name> containing a link to Nelnet.

    Your student will also provide you with a word or phrase to enter under Authorized Party Authentication Question when you create your Nelnet account. 

    From the Nelnet Home page, you can Make a Payment. Please see the sections below for instructions on these activities.  

    Notice that you can also choose to receive text messages. 

    Screenshot of Nelnet Payment Activity

    Click View Details to see Payments Made (All, Successful, Unsuccessful) and any Changes

    Screenshot of Nelnet Activity Details Including Payments Made

    On the Nelnet Home page, click Transaction Details to see more information from the bill in Workday. Notice that you can Make a Payment from this page. 

    Nelnet Screenshot of Current Account Activity with Make a Payment Button
  • 3. Make a Payment Using Nelnet

    Students and authorized parties can make a payment. 

    From the Nelnet Home page, click Make a Payment. Notice that this can be used to make a payment to a student account or to pay rent. 

    Enter an amount and click Next - Payment Method and enter the required information to complete the transaction.  

    Nelnet Screenshot of Make A Payment Including Payment Method Button