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Workday - Third Party LoginWorkday for 3rd Party Instructions

If your student has designated you as a third party, you can access the financial and academic information that they enable for you using Workday.

-   The Workday URL for third parties differs from students and employees.

-   If you use Workday as a worker, for third party login an in-private or incognito browser window may prevent errors.

-   Chrome is the preferred browser.

- Your username is not your email address.


- If you receive an invalid user error, then make sure you are using the login link at the top of this column.

Navigating Workday

WPI Icon:  The WPI icon always takes you to the Workday homepage.  

Notifications Bell:  Click the bell in the upper right corner to view notifications.   To remove the red circle with number of notifications, click the V, then click Mark All as Read.

Inbox Archive:  To see past transactions in Workday click the Inbox icon, then click Archive .  


As of December 2022, students can allow a proxy to receive past due balance notifications from Workday through Manage Permissions for My Third Party.

Past due balance notifications


What if I forgot my username?

Please contact us including your name, email used for Workday if known, and student's name.


What if I have a new email address?

Your student needs to edit Friends and Family. They uncheck Is Third-Party in the current contact, then ADD A NEW CONTACT USING THE NEW EMAIL. 

Do not Delete Email
Once email is deleted it cannot be reused.

How do I view my student's financial statement?

This is in the Workday Finances for Third Party app. You also receive overdue notices at the email address your student entered for you.

How do I pay the bill?

Please see the Bursar's Payment Information page for payment options.

Payment Information

Can I use 2 or more bank accounts to pay the bill?

Yes, by editing the Workday payment elections. Instructions are in Student Billing: Workday & Nelnet (linked in right column).

How do I view student grades?

The Workday Academics for Third Party app has View Grades.

When can I view the grades?

Please check the Registrar's calendar for the grade submissions deadline. You should be able to view the grades within 2 business days of the deadline.

Registrar Calendar

Student Billing (Bursar)

Workday Student FinancialsBilling InformationPayment InformationStudent Health Insurance and Waiver InformationStudent Billing: Workday and Nelnet

Payment Apps

Workday - paying by ACH

Nelnet - payment plans and paying by credit card

Flywire - Wire transfer (domestic and international) or international credit card

Helpful Links

Workday Student for StudentsWPI Page for Parents