Welcome to the new academic year! Here are some key changes that Information Technology (IT) has been working on throughout the summer.

Action Needed

 If any items impact your work, please click on the links in Actions and Articles to review news and/or instructions. Don’t hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk if you have questions.



  • Upgrade Turing Research Cluster
  • Workday: New Layout, New Photo Roster
  • Instructional Technology Updates
  • Computer Lab and Classroom Upgrades
  • South Village Residence, Student Center Updates: IT partnered in this Facilities-managed project which expanded from the original three residences by adding six additional residences and the student center. IT highlights included upgrading the South Village uplink to 10Gb direct connection back to the main campus, and upgrading networking in the additional buildings. Supporting safety as a high priority of Residence Services and Campus Police, IT installed in each building: a Blue Phone and camera system tied into the CPD main surveillance system, card access, along with monitoring on doors and fire alarms. 


Retired Internet Explorer, Outdated Zoom Clients


Storage Changes, including

  • My_Documents Move to OneDrive
  •  /Home Directory Move
  • Website File Access Change

Banner Retirement: IT continues progress toward the December 2022 retirement by moving Banner legacy data required for records retention, compliance, and reporting purposes to other systems of record and to AWS Redshift. 

Wireless Upgrade: All wireless access points are being upgraded to WiFi6 capable hardware for ( the latest in speed and security improvements. The project is ongoing, and currently about 2/3 done.

IT Project Requests: If you need to consult with IT on a project, please use our new IT Project Requests form.