To improve data availability and security as well as reduce cost, file storage changes are being made by WPI Information Technology (IT) during Spring/Summer 2022.

Action Needed

View additional details in Actions as each change takes place.


Below please find a general overview of the changes taking place. Actions contains news for each change, containing additional details and links to instructions. In each change, data will be completely moved by IT. During the move, data will be read-only.

The IT team is here to help you through each of these! Please do not hesitate to send questions or concerns to us at its@wpi.edu.

Website File Access - May 2022

Files on users.wpi.edu will be migrated by IT to a new server. Websites will not experience downtime and website URLs will not change. The procedure for updating websites will be simplified. 

My_Documents - June-July 2022

Files currently stored at storage.wpi.edu\HOME\My_Documents will be moved by IT to Office 365 OneDrive. Files are accessible via Office 365 and on computers and mobile devices across Windows (File Explorer), MacOS (Finder), Linux.

/home Directory - July 2022

Files currently stored at R:\\storage.wpi.edu\HOME will be moved by IT to a new server. No action is required by users prior to and after the move.

Department Shares - Deferred*

*Originally scheduled for Summer 2022, IT is no longer planning a large-scale migration of department shares off of on-premise storage.  IT is available to consult with departments who continue to use on-premise storage, currently use SharePoint or would like to begin using SharePoint.

(Original notice: Files currently stored at storage.wpi.edu/dept/department name will be moved by IT to Office 365 SharePoint.  The files can be accessed using SharePoint's web Graphical User Interface (GUI) as well as through a mounted Windows, Mac, or Linux share. (Mapped drive letters for Windows are not supported.) IT will work with departments on scheduling, preparation, and new access procedures.)