The goal of innovation and entrepreneurship at WPI to support the culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and action at WPI through skill-based workshops, solvathons, guidance, mentorship, competitions, networking opportunities, hands-on projects, and more

There are four broad categories of programs offered at WPI. They are listed below.

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This is an overview of the I&E Programs at WPI. They are in four main categories: Imagine and Discover, Develop and Create, Finance and Finalize, and Pre-Collegiate programs. 
A list of resources and workspaces are provided. 

Imagine and Discover Programs

Programs in the discover category are focused on creativity and idea generation.

  • If you have the very beginnings of an idea or simply want to learn more about creativity and entrepreneurship, start here!

Develop and Create Programs

Programs in the evaluate category focus on developing an idea. This can include feedback on an idea or project or securing financial support.

  • If you have been through programs in the discover category, have a developed idea and need support, or want to join a team that already has an idea, start here!

Finance and Finalize Programs

Programs in the execute category are about bringing an idea to the market. These programs focus on mentorship and guidance to find success in your entrepreneurial ventures.

  • If you have been through programs in the evaluate category, or only need a boost to bring your idea to the market, start here!

Pre-Collegiate Programs

Programs in the pre-collegiate category are dedicated to introducing innovation and entrepreneurship to students in primary and secondary education.

Resources and Workspaces

This is a list of resources and workspaces offered through WPI. Workspaces consist of makerspaces as well as different locations for teamwork. Resources range from contact information to available tools.