If you or your team has an idea ready, but need assistance in moving forward. The programs and resources below can help.

  • KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset, Value Creation: Open to students, staff, and faculty, this is a one or two day workshop that assists teams in value creation. Students bring ideas or join teams with ideas and work the idea through a value creation process. 
  • GoatTank:  A program through WPI Winter session dedicated to promoting women in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • WPI Tinker Box: A grant program that provides seed funding for student projects and ideas.
  • I-Corp:  The I-Corps program provides financial and mentoring support to students and faculty teams who think they have an idea that addresses a market need and has commercial potential.
  • Ignite:  For students in grades 7 & 8, The Ignite program offers the chance to complete projects and assemble findings in a variety of topics including chemistry, physics, music technology, robotics, and more.
  • Ignite, Women In Science: For female students in grades 7 & 8,  This Ignite program offers the chance for students to come together to learn how careers in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) are collaborative, creative, and help address a variety of social issues.

To learn more about these programs, read their respected articles below.