For All New Employees

The red buttons are links to instructions on the specified task.

Onboarding Note:  
Prior to your start date, the only thing you can do in Workday is onboarding tasks. It can only be done on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Visit & bookmark Workday training materials
Workday Training Materials
  • Visit & bookmark Workday Glossary
Workday Glossary
  • Download the Workday app to your phone
Workday Mobile App Directions
  • Read Navigating Workday
Navigating Workday
  • View your Workday employee profile
  • Click the Team icon in your profile to view your Org Chart
  • Go to your Workday Inbox to complete onboarding forms
Workday LoginUsing Your Workday Inbox
  • Set search preferences.
Manage Workday Preferences
  • View payslip
  • Manage payment & tax elections
Payslips, Payment, and Tax Elections
  • Update contact information
Manage Contact Information
  • Manage benefits
Manage Benefits & Beneficiaries
  • Manage delegations
Manage Delegations
  • Manage absences
Request an Absence
  • Manage time entry (hourly employees)
Manage Time Entry

Additional Workday Skills

Please discuss this list with your supervisor or colleagues as some items may not apply to your position.

  • Create Inbox filters (ideal for heavy Workday users)
Create Inbox Filters
  • Performance Reviews 
Performance Review Process
  • Create expense report
  • Reconcile PCard (company credit card)
Expense Report & PCard 
  • Budgets
  • Create Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Create Receipt for Received Goods and Services
Create Requisitions, POs, & Receipts
  • Pay Invoice without Purchase Order
Pay Invoice without PO
  • Recruiting
Recruitment Process
  • Hire Hourly Students and Federal Work Study
Hire Student Worker
  • Hire RA/TA
Hire RA/TA
  • Hire Temporary Workers
Hire Temporary Workers