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Onboarding Note:  
Prior to your start date, in Workday only  onboarding tasks are available to you. These must be done on a computer (not via mobile app).
  • Visit & bookmark Workday training materials
Workday Training Materials
  • Visit & bookmark Workday Glossary
Workday Glossary
  • Download the Workday app to your phone
Workday Mobile App Directions
  • Read Navigating Workday, View your Workday employee profile, and click the Team icon in your profile to view your Org Chart
Navigating Workday
  • Go to My Tasks in Workday to complete onboarding forms
Workday Tasks and Notifications
  • Set search preferences, favorites and apps
Manage Workday Preferences
  • View payslip, and manage payment & tax elections
Payslips, Payment, and Tax Elections
  • Update contact information
Manage Contact Information
  • Manage benefits
Manage Benefits & Beneficiaries
  • Manage time entry (hourly employees)
Manage Time Entry
  • Manage absences
Request an Absence
  • Manage delegations
Manage Delegations

Additional Workday Skills

These items may require discussion with your supervisor or colleagues to confirm whether they apply to your position.

  • Create Filters for My Tasks (ideal for heavy Workday users)
Create Filters for My Tasks

Financial Activities

Here are several commonly performed financial activities. For additional guidance, please work with your hiring manager or Finance & Operations.

Finance & Operations
  • Create expense report
  • Reconcile PCard (company credit card)
Expense Report & PCard 
  • Budgets
  • Create Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Create Receipt for Received Goods and Services
Create Requisitions, POs, & Receipts
  • Pay Invoice without Purchase Order
Pay Invoice without PO

Talent & Inclusion Topics

Here are several common Talent & Inclusion topics. For additional guidance, please work with your hiring manager or Talent & Inclusion.

Talent & Inclusion
  • Recruiting
Recruitment Process
  • Hire Hourly Students and Federal Work Study
Hire Student Worker
  • Hire RA/TA
Hire RA/TA
  • Hire Temporary Workers
Hire Temporary Workers