Users connected to the WPI network must adhere to the WPI Acceptable Use Policy. The WPI wireless network is available to active faculty, staff and student account holders. Registering a device on the WPI wireless network takes a few minutes. Once you have completed the connection steps, reboot the device to begin using the wireless connection.


The WPI-Wireless network is an encrypted network for WPI faculty, staff, and students to connect their personal computers, laptops, tablets, and phones to.

Certificate Expiration

When you connect your device to the WPI Wireless Network, you are installing wireless certificates (WPI-Wireless and eduroam) to your device. These certificates expire one year after setup. To renew your certificate, you must go through the wireless setup process again.


The WPI-Open network is an unencrypted network for WPI employees and students to connect their IoT devices (Alexa, Gaming Systems, etc.) to.

WPI-Open: Guest Network

It is also the network guests will use to connect their self-service or sponsored guest passes to.