Through Microsoft 365, OneDrive cloud file storage is available to WPI account holders. Storage is provisioned to each individual, and here you can store individual academic, or business files and share them internally or with external users.

Getting Started with OneDrive

Create a Document

To create a document, navigate to your OneDrive through the link below and then select New at the top of the page. You can create a new Word document, Excel workbook, Powerpoint presentation, and more.

OneDrive Application

Upload a File

You can upload a file by opening your OneDrive and selecting the Upload option at the top of the page. You have the option to add a single file or an entire folder.


Files saved to your personal OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams can be shared. Depending upon settings, and site permissions, internal WPI account holders and external non-WPI users can receive links to view and/or edit files.

Sharing Internally and Externally


OneDrive will let you collaborate on shared files. Multiple instances of the file can be opened and worked on at the same time. In the Review tab, select Track Changes to see what changes are being made to the file. You can select to track these changes for everyone or for yourself.

Restore Previous Versions

With version history, you can see and restore older versions of your files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. Version history works with all file types, including Microsoft 365 files, PDFs, CAD files, photos, videos, and more. If you need to, you may be able to restore deleted OneDrive files or restore deleted SharePoint items from the recycle bin.  

Restore Previous Versions

Recover Deleted Files

Files in OneDrive can be restored up to 3 months after being deleted.

Recover Deleted Files

Changing File Permissions

The OneDrive library provided for you is typically protected from public viewing by default. Only you can access personal documents and media files that you store in it unless you explicitly share a folder of documents or a single document with other people in your organization for reviewing or co-editing.

Sharing Permissions


Through Microsoft Office 365 (O365), SharePoint sites are available to all WPI account holders. SharePoint Online enables users to create collaboration spaces for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing information from any device with a web browser.

Get Started with Sharepoint

Create a Sharepoint Site

Create an O365 Sharepoint site or request one through ITS, and edit membership.

Create Sharepoint Site

Access Sharepoint Files

How to access, sync, and use files in Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Access and Use Sharepoint Files

Adjust Sharepoint Permissions

As an owner of a Sharepoint library, you can change permissions to let the right people access the data they need data while restricting others.

Customize Sharepoint Permissions