We are very excited to share the features of the Hub with you, but most importantly, we want to show you how to best leverage the capabilities of the Hub to your advantage! Click the links below to learn more information about each of the different features.


As you review each of the components of the Hub, please remember: Our ultimate priority is to assist you, the members of our WPI Community. We aim to improve your day-to-day operations by enabling you with self-service options, expanded information, and more transparent communication.

While we have some great things in development, we would LOVE to know what else you'd like to see in the Hub, and/or any feedback you may have on the current functionality.

You are welcome to tell us what would help you here:

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The Hub has a section called Dashboard which gives you insight to your Account, Tickets, Assets, Apps, History, Canvas, Widgets and Hub settings.

Login - Settings InformationTickets InformationAssets


The Hub is composed of knowledge related to our services, and articles that support those services. The Knowledge Base is a directory of all Articles we have on the site. Articles are the most useful content for self-help and taking care of issues or requests on your own. Learn more about the various article types, and how to read the articles at:

Information on the Knowledge Base

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is a page that lists the Services that are provided by the university. Our Service Catalog is a knowledge management tool to help organize all of our content. Learn more about what the Service Catalog is, and how to navigate it:

Service Catalog Information

Software Library and Locations

The Software Library is WPI's database of the software available on campus, and remotely, to faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about navigating the Software Library to determine availability, installation requirements, and more.

Each building and academic space on campus has a corresponding location in the Hub. 

Software Library InformationLocations Information


Hub Sites

Hub sites are centralized locations on the Hub that can provide easy access to a wide array of articles, components, services, spreads, and more that pertain to a specific topic such as Workday or the Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding process.

Hub Sites

News and Events

WPI Information Technology publishes news items for regularly scheduled maintenance, special events, new services, cybersecurity updates, and outages. We have enabled RSS feeds to integrate with your WPI email so you can stay on top of all the changes within IT at all times. Additional information and configuration of the RSS feed can be found at:

News and Events Information


App Marketplace

The App Marketplace is a hub for all of the WPI web-based resources you may need. Learn how to add, favorite, and launch your apps at: 

App Marketplace Information



We is here to assist you with all of your technology needs at WPI. We can be contacted various ways, and during normal business hours we do our best to respond quickly!

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If you like to try and solve issues on your own, the Hub has improved search functionality to point you in the right direction. Search for terms and filter by content type, aliases, or tags.

Search Information

Coming Soon!

We want to keep you involved and informed of what we have coming next in the WApp. You can always learn about what we are developing at:

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