Carly Medosch

Carly Medosch, Health IT Lead and Activist
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James Meng

James Meng, Ph.D., President of Mevion Medical Systems
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Delaney King

Delaney King, Senior Digital Artist
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Luis Dominguez

Luis Dominguez, NASA Test Lead
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Temitope Adediran

Temitope Adediran, Software Engineer
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Adrienne Rutledge

Adrienne Rutledge, Associate Account Support at Ernst & Young
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Dr. Kortney Ziegler

Dr. Kortney Ziegler, Race & Technology Fellow
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Jasmine Crowe

Jasmine Crowe, CEO of Goodr
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Dr. Paul Judge

Dr. Paul Judge, Tech Entrepreneur
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Leon Campbell

Leon Campbell, Quality Assurance Specialist at Daivergent
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Lily Chang

Lily Chang, VP of Strategic Transformation at VMware
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Salman Elmi & Abdi Hassan

Salman Elmi & Abdi Hassan, Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs
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Francesca Escoto

Francesca Escoto, Software Project Manager
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